How to Change Magento Themes

One of the top reasons why people choose Magento over other ecommerce platforms to run their online store is the number of Magento themes available for free. It is a proven fact that changing your Magento theme to something that represents your business well would enable you to sell online better. View top ecommerce platforms 

In an objective of customizing a Magento store through themes, we are often guilty of changing it to something that would match what we are selling or promoting. Thus, the question of how to change Magento themes becomes one of its users’ most asked.

    • There are several themes in Magento Connect that are fairly easier to install than the others. With these themes, you just have to login to your account in Magento Connect. When you get to your desired theme’s product page, click the button saying ‘Install Now’.
    • Then, click the ‘Extension Key’, which will direct you to the required Theme Key that will enable you to install it.
    • You can then proceed to Magento’s admin area and go to System, then Magento Connect, and lastly, Magento Connect Manager. There, you can paste the Theme Key under the ‘Install New Extensions’.
    • After pasting, click ‘Install’. By this time, your preferred Magento theme is now installed in your store. To enable it, go to System, then Design, and then click ‘Add Design Change’.
    • There are four fields you should edit. For Store, select the view you want to apply the installed Magento theme to. In the Custom Design, select the theme you installed. The last two fields can be edited if you plan on changing it after some time. If not, it is best to leave them as is.
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That’s it! Changing your storefront is that easy. Many ecommerce site owners change their looks from time to time to follow what’s hot and trending. There are also those who stick to their Magento theme to not confuse people of their brand. Whichever is the case, feel free to use these steps to easily customize your store using Magento themes. Ecommerce Platforms

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