Is Magento 2 Theme Ready?

Magento 2 was developed in an attempt to improve users’ experience with Magento 1. While Magento 1 was a massive success, proven by the number of users raving with how it works and how it does wonders for the business, the development team of the said platform also listened to people’s complaints including mobile responsiveness and admin controls. View Magento theme

Simply put, while Magento 1 was great, it still needed improvements to deliver what was expected of it. Hence, Magento 2.

When Magento 2 first came out, people were so excited. This is because it took a while before it was made available for the public. It had to be tested many times to make sure there would be a huge, positive change, and to not disappoint or frustrate anyone should there be bugs and other inconsistencies. Now that it is ready to be used and enjoyed, most people ask the common question if Magento 2 is theme ready. Lo and behold, yes it is. Ecommerce business

Because the developers wanted to improve the older one, Magento 2 is packed with features that did not work well or were simply missing from the previous version.

Magento 2 has more themes available for free. These themes, although free of charge, are of high quality and great designs. There are free responsive themes available, which can all lend your ecommerce site eye candy factor that is appealing to your market. If you loved the free Magento themes from Magento 1, you are sure to fall in love even more with the themes offered by the new and improved software installment. The themes are easier to install and activate, so you’ll find it a breeze to change them when you feel necessary. Is Magento Easy To Use?

Not only does it come with new themes, it is also easier to use and navigate. Magento themes are not the only features that were worked on when they did another version. To put it simply, using Magento 2 provides an overall improved shopping experience to your customers and the most user-friendly ecommerce platform for you.

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