Is Magento Easy To Use?

Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms today. Many people choose it to run their online business, or simply sell online, because it is fully customizable. You can personalize it to suit your business ideals and the type of vibe you want to project. There is a wide variety of Magento themes to choose from—you can choose which one you think would appeal best to your target market. Learn more about How to Sell Online

Magento sure has tons of features to offer its users—such as its one of a kind storefront and its many integration options to plenty of extensions and plugins. There is just one concern from its users, especially those who are new to ecommerce and technology in general. This concern is about how easy it is to use Magento.

Well, like most great things in life—Magento does not come easy, but it sure is worth the extra work and effort.

  • For starters, setting it up takes more time as compared to other platforms. You have to manually set it up, which would include encrypting and extracting data. This is all because of the fact that Magento is a self-hosted software. In simplest terms, it is a DIY-style website management platform. This is why it works best for people whose priorities include a store that is truly theirs, with designs and looks that is unique to his store alone.
  • Most of the plugins and extensions in Magento are free, although they would make you work a little to configure URLs. But when you get the hang of it, you will understand that it also pays off to know them so troubleshooting becomes easy for you, too.
  • As for Magento themes, they are easy to apply and most of them come for free as well. Personalizing your store to have a theme that’s appropriate for the kind of business you do, adding express checkout pages and real time shipping calculator are all possible in Magento.
  • Setting up your Magento store would require you to learn about securing servers, hooking it up with a payment gateway and other integrated services. Because of how popular Magento is now, there are several web hosting services that offer Magento for free. If you happen to use one of them, you can install the application easier and get to sell online faster.
  • How to Change Magento Themes

Don’t let this discourage you from using Magento, though.

After installation, Magento becomes so much easier. You can set up a shopping cart ready in just a few minutes, and there are also tons of third party plugins you can use to improve your customers’ shopping experience in your site. There are also ratings and reviews available in Magento’s store, so you have an idea about the best ones to use. Help and support also comes easy in Magento once you have set up your store. There are active user forums and extensive documentation to help you with your technical concerns about the platform. learn more Magento

There are a lot of options offered by Magento themes, as well as features and additional services you can only find in their platform. They might have to make you work on your technical know-how more than the other platforms, but if you are serious about building a site that would make a good branding statement for your store, you will reap great rewards (and profit) with Magento.

It might not be a platform that is very easy for newbies, but it still poses itself as a platform that will earn you great profit from your business. Its value still outshines it level of usage difficulty, which is proven in the fact that more and more ecommerce site owners still choose Magento over other platforms that seem to be easier to use.

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